Install the BlueMailCentral Print Driver now to print and post your documents within the country of destination

Fully compatible

We now support Windows versions starting from XP, up to and including Windows 10

Save on Printing

From manual effort to overall cost. BlueMailCentral is less expensive!

Easy to Use

Ready to use with your favourite Word Processor, or any Windows application!

Fully Compatible

Even if you're still using old Windows versions - our print driver works with no problems. From Installation to printed distribution anywhere in the world, in 10 minutes.

Save on Printing

Printing costs are often underestimated. Whether you are seeking Mono or Colour printed output, we will show you an immediate reduction in cost and transit times.

Easy to Use

Click File / Print. Choose the BlueMailCentral Printer, review the options and then click Send. That's how easy it is.

What people are saying...

Margaret E.

"This is fantastic! Thanks so much guys!"

Fred S.

"BlueMailCentral is great in its simplicity, and it offers added value to us and our customers"

Sarah W.

"This will realise a cost reduction"

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