Sending a letter via the internet.

BlueMailCentral can reduce the cost of your corporate postal mail by up to 55% or even more in some cases. Sending the mail digitally, as close as possible, to the destination where it will be printed and sent out saves a lot of time, effort and money.

Create a document with your standard text editor (e.g. Microsoft Word) and print it to the BlueMailCentral printer. If your document contains the recipient’s address BlueMailCentral cleverly adds it automatically making your life even easier and sends it to any place in the world. The document will be sent digitally to the country of destination where it is to be printed.

BlueMailCentral already enables you to send mail to 45 countries directly with more direct links planned. This results in faster delivery and lower carbon emissions because of our reduced dependency on international air freight. It is often cheaper because you only have to pay for a local stamp instead of an international stamp.

More importantly you will never have to search for stamps or envelopes ever again; calculate the postage costs; or rush to the post office only to find that you have missed the last post; or it has closed for the day when you arrive !
A letter to my Mom in Australia.
I called my sister in Australia yesterday, and she told me that my mother did recieve the letter (28 pages) I sent her, but I don't know when she recieved it. I can tell that you guys are "goed bezig"(Dutch for well done) in making sure your service runs to the Quality Level your customers expect from them. Keep up the good work. My mother lives in a Nursing Home in Sydney Australia, and I am sure when she recieves a letter through the post, it makes her day, thanks, Cheers Frank
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