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Privacy Policy

Who we are

Solution Dynamics International Ltd is dedicated to your data privacy and to upholding the principles of the General Data Protection Regulation “GDPR”. In our privacy policy we have outlined how we handle your data, why we hold it and what we do to protect it.

What we collect when you sign up as a user and why

When you sign up as a user on our site we collect the following information from you, which is provided from you when you enter an agreement with us to provide a service to you (GDPR Article 6 1. b)

First and last name

To identify you the user to ourselves

Email address

To contact you for:
  • If you forgot your password we use your email to help reset this for you.
  • To inform you when we process mail(letters) for you.
  • To inform you of letter tracking information (if you choose this option when sending a letter via our service).
  • To inform you if mail arrives for you (if you choose our mailbox service).
  • To inform you of changes to our service that may affect you.
  • To respond to you if you have contacted us regarding a support query
  • So that you may log into our site

Postal Address

  • An address to forward mail we may receive for you.
  • To verify your identity if you lose access to your account.
  • To know what country you live in for legal reasons.

How long we keep this data

We retain this information as long as you keep an account with us. If you request to have your account closed the data will be deleted within one month as outlined in Article 17 of the GDPR.

Information we collect when you send a letter

Our website enables you to send real letters from the Internet. In order to provide this service, we need to collect a certain amount of data about each letter you send. Below we outline what information we request from you. (GDPR Article 6. 1. b)

Postal Address

So we can place a postal address on the envelope to send the letter

The content of your letter

This is the content of the letter you wish to send to the above mentioned “Postal Address”

How long is my letter data stored?

Your letter data is retained for distribution and sending, and then purged from our system within 1 month. The following information is deleted:
  • We delete the content of the letter
  • We delete the address that the letter is sent to
What remains:
  • A record you sent a letter
  • The cost of the letter (for accounting purposes)
  • The date the letter was created and sent from our system
Why the data is only purged after 1 month:
  • To address complaints a customer may have about a letter. We need this information to address that complaint. (GDPR Article 6. 1. f)
  • If a letter is sent maliciously or the contents of the letter breaks the law (GDPR Article 6. 1. c) we are obliged to act on requests from law enforcement (previously under section 29 of the DPA this now falls under Article 23 of the GDPR). We act on these requests under our own discretion.

Who we share your data with

Solution Dynamics International Ltd will never share your data with 3rd parties, however there are three exceptions to this listed below:
  • Sub-Processors: the contents of your letter and destination address will be forwarded on to our international partners for the purposes of providing a service to you.
  • Organisation accounts: Organisation accounts are linked to an organisation and are setup by your administrator for the purposes of caring out work for your organisation. If you use the application from an Organisation account, all content generated in the account is the property of your organisation and subject to the policies of your employer/organisation.
  • If we are requested to do so by UK law enforcement for the purposes of the prevention, or detection of a crime (Article 23 1. d). What we divulge is under our discretion and only what we believe would be pertinent for the request made.

Access to your personal information

All information provided to us by you is available for you to view and alter from within our website. You have the right to access your data and the right to portability of your data.

Logging into the site and cookies

When logging into your account, the site places what is known as an encrypted cookie onto your machine. The only purpose of this cookie is to let the site know you are logged into the site and you are who you say you are. The cookie is not used for advertising and is deleted when you log off the site. When making an online payment to us via a payment service provider – they may place a secure cookie onto your machine when you authenticate to use their service. We also make use of Google Analytics to monitor website usage. In this case Google will place a cookie onto your machine. No personally identifiable information is collected about you.

Data Security

Our site undergoes regular security scans. We have a regular process in place to review our security and to assess the impact on any new functionality we may introduce. Data stored with Solution Dynamics International Ltd is held in secure data centres within the EEA (European Economic Area). Solution Dynamics International Ltd regularly reviews if data is relevant and if not, it is assessed for deletion.

Secure details and SSL

All transactions on Solution Dynamics International Ltd software take place over SSL/ TLS1.2 encryption.

Data Traveling out of the EEA

If you choose to send your letters via our non-European printing partners. A copy of the contents of your letter and the address the letter is to will leave the EEA zone for the purposes of our printing partner being able to send the letter on our behalf for you.  
Last Updated 20 May 2018